On October 6, The Fabulous + Beautiful (Branch 281) dined at Hong Kong’s widely-renowned Lai Bun Fu. In what was the ladies’ first-ever Cantonese cuisine experience, our Food Master, Maria Chan, worked with Master Chef Chung Kin Leung (who has prepared feasts for world leaders such as US President George Bush and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher) to design a decadent 7-course meal that was truly worthy of this inaugural visit.

After indulging on a beautiful glass of bubbly – NV Blanc de Blancs Champagne by Le Mesnil, thoughtfully selected by our Wine Master, Jennifer Quasdorf – our meal began with Deep Fried Prawn Toast stuffed with Foie Gras. Wow! We quite diligently followed Maria’s eating instructions, “Suck the head, ladies!” This dish was rich, flavorful, and paired perfectly with the Wachstum Bodenstein 2006 Reisling selected by Jennifer. From this first course onward, the evening’s menu continued to feature an exciting juxtaposition of traditional Chinese delicacies, such as bird’s nest and thousand layer silk bean curd, prepared in dishes that showcased Chef Leung’s thoughtful and contemporary flare. Another high note of the evening was the Fresh Crabmeat Stir-fried with Egg White and Milk. This exquisite dish highlights why Maria is the Food Master of our group! It is not typically found on Lai Bun Fu’s menu but perhaps should be. It took every ounce of our self-control to refrain from licking our bowls!

Thank you to F+B Member, Amy Dalton, for this write-up!