The luncheon was held at the group’s first meat-free restaurant in Hong Kong, Grassroots Pantry, with organic wines pairings by Wine Master, Jennifer Quasdorf. The menu, kindly arranged by our Food Master, Maria Chan, was an assault on the tastebuds: from cashew unagi, to sweet potato leaf mayo. The slow-stewed monkey’s head mushroom was the clear highlight (and totally vegetarian, despite what the name suggests), as well as the cooked to perfection slow-cooked duck eggs! The additional education regarding the difference between organic wines was also an eye-opener.

The ladies were then joined by Peggy Chan, Executive Chef and Managing Director of the restaurant who spoke to the F+B ladies about her story: how her passion led her to creating one of Hong Kong’s most successful restaurants, the challenges she has encountered, how she ensures she treats her staff well (many of whom are family members), what drove her during her more challenging moments, as well as tips and insights for anyone wanting to pursue a dream. The many years of determination and passion has certainly paid off and the F+B ladies walked away feeling very inspired – a perfect outcome for International Women’s Day!