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10 years is quite a milestone in a rapid developing city like Singapore. The dining scene has risen quicker than a soufflé, though service standards continue to plummet, and the range of wines available has expanded enormously since the days when a Shaw and Smith Sauvignon Blanc spritzer on ice was the pinnacle of wine appreciation. Restaurants come and go so quickly that our restaurant of the year winner in 2013, Keystone, was closed before the award could be given. This boom and bust cycle has benefited the club recently as the Singapore wine investment boom just bust, and the market has flooded suppliers with amazing aged Australian reds, which have been drinking superbly these past two years.

In 2004 Jonathan Hannam, wrote to the parent club informing them of the intention to form a Singapore chapter. A few formalities later and the club was created. Later it was registered with the Singapore “Register of Societies”. Singapore law requires that any regular gathering of more than 10 people must be registered as a society – even if the purpose is as benign as food and wine. In the main the expat community has fueled membership over the years. This means that members can be quite transient, but it also fuels constant renewal. The last remaining founding member, Kevin Parnell remains active and passionate about the club. If things are going off the rails, he strongly reminds us why we are here. Members come from many nations including Singapore, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Holland, France, Austria, Australia, America and Britain. A friendly national rivalry keeps the lunches interesting, especially at fine time.

The 10-year celebrations were held over two events.  First the official 10th birthday lunch featured a suitably decorated cake and two weeks later the blockbuster Xmas event was held. It was totally booked out by members, making it a true club celebration, complete with a premium wine list.

For the November lunch we drank two 10 year old wines, and for the Xmas event two weeks later, Chef Jimi Tegerdine at Level 33 (2014 restaurant of the year winner) provided a beautifully presented seven course dinner paying homage to each of the nations represented in the club. The wine list was a superior selection of champagne, white and red burgundy, James Irvine grand merlot, Mount Mary quintet Bordeaux blend and Elderton Command Barossa Shiraz, all with decent age. The seventh course (see images) sent members into paroxysms of awe as a 6 metre long platter piled high with roast meats vegetables and all the trimmings was placed on the table. It made even the most seasons gourmands amongst us gasp.

The Singapore chapter is driven by great passion. Its members always provide entertaining and erudite critiques, while observing proper protocol and ceremony. They have soaked up global wine knowledge, supported experimental pairings and themed wine journeys, as well as a wide variety of cuisines. The true spirit shone through when all the members at Xmas joined in a rousing rendition, of the 12 days of Beef and Burgundy, specially penned for the event. If you are passing through on the last Friday of the month, come join us for a special beef and burgundy experience.