Web and branding guidelines

Clubs have, or may wish to, set up their own web sites to assist in managing their club and maintaining records electronically.

It is appropriate that there be some consistency in the use of the logo and the associated presentation so that the appropriate image of B&B is projected.

The Protocols cover:

  • The use of the logo on web sites
  • The appropriate way to use the name
  • The requirement for a link to the B&B Inc. web site
  • The web address format, domain name and URL formats to use
  • Social networking

As well there are guidelines for using the logo off line i.e. on glassware.

We request that clubs reflect the Protocols when using our logo or name in whatever way. This will ensure that the integrity of the B&B name and logo are maintained.

B&B Web and Branding Protocols (PDF)

Style Guide Examples


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