The Holdfast Club have provided documentary evidence of them attempting to teach the Duck new habits whilst he was in Adelaide. Those who stayed on after the Business Session were treated to an entertaining presentation on the Ducks stay in Adelaide.

It is obvious the Duck has gone up a notch or two since being saved from the clutches of those ruffians in Queensland corrupting the Duck with promises of fame and an infamous fortune with the Brisbane Broncos.

Whilst in Adelaide the Duck has attended many dinner meetings and social functions, experiencing life in ‘The Wine Capital of Australia’. This, we are sure can not be beaten, for he is now well known in wine circles for his pallet for fine wines. His attire was also improved with a black tie, appropriate for his many important visits.

He has experienced many of the great local attractions including the Adelaide Oval with a tour of the Bradman Room, Adelaide Central Market and an Adelaide Zoo visit to meet the pandas. His best experience however has been to the Mecca in wine circles with a visit to the world famous Penfolds Magill Estate Cellar Door to taste this year’s release of ‘Grange’ and a tour of the cellaring of the best of the best in Australian wines. The photos below document these adventures.

However the Duck has now been farewelled from Adelaide and is now a resident of Toowoomba, and is now probably deeply involved with the organisation of the 2011 Convention.

The Holdfast B&B club members and guests experience the very best dinner venues and menus Adelaide has to offer, combined with the masked selection of red and white wines (primarily from our own extensive cellar). We have rostered speakers on the wines and encourage comments from the floor before unmasking. We encourage fellow B&B members from other clubs to visit Adelaide and join our meetings on the second Thursday night of each month by calling our club secretary David Miels prior to the Monday before.