The Convention Duck surprisingly turned up at the 2014 Adelaide Convention, having been padlocked in a crate to prevent escape.It was last seen in Darwin 2 years ago, apparently not being able to fly to Yarrawonga.

Over the past two years the Duck has travelled through the outback areas of Northern Australia. The link below traces the adventures of the Duck in these remote areas and will be of interest to those interested to see what the character of this part of Australia is like.

Click below to see the outback travels

The Adventures of The Duck

After the Adelaide Convention the Duck had an enjoyable visit to the Barossa Valley with some Queenslanders.

Then it flew to Queensland where it will visit the Great Barrier Reef and prepare for the trip to China next year! In the meantime the Duck has dispatched a (small) Envoy to check out Shangha ready for the Convention. Below the Envoy transits HK airport and then studies the tourist map of Shanghai.

See you all in Shanghai!!