Proposing a life member

The requirements and process

The provision of this honour is contained in the constitution for affiliated Branch Clubs – Section 9 (b) (iii).

As provided for in the Constitution, a “Life Membership should not be lightly bestowed and should only be for meritorious service”.

Life Membership can be awarded to a member “who has given long and continuous service over a number of years and has been actively engaged in the welfare of a branch club”. When the process is appropriately followed, life members are added to the register of Life Members.

Branch club members proposed for life membership will be recommended to the Club Committee for appointment following a special resolution supported by not less than three-quarters majority of the relevant branch club’s members.

Submissions to the General Secretary

While branch club members will be well aware of the contribution of a potential life member to their club, the Club Committee requires sufficient information before them to make an informed decision. There are two key points:

  • Firstly,  adequate information will streamline the time taken as further information will not need to be sought from clubs, and
  • secondly all life members need to have made a level of contribution to their club similar to all other life members to maintain the prestige of the award and recognition and this needs to be demonstrated in the submission

When submitting a proposal for a life member, the following points may assist the Club Committee in evaluating the proposal. There may well be others as well. A submission under these, and other, headings would be appreciated:

  • Positions held (including president, treasurer, committee, wine and/or food master and cellar master) and the duration
  • Is the proposed Life Member a Founding member of your Branch
  • Length of membership
  • Involvement on organising conventions or other events
  • Introduction of new members
  • A leader in the activities of the club (apart from official positions)
  • Leadership in resolving club problems such as declining membership
  • A mentor, supporter and educator for new members
  • Consistently acting as a lunch/dinner host over many years

Please contact the General Secretary if you would like further advice or assistance.

Time required

In proposing a life membership to The Club Committee for approval via the General Secretary there are two important points that clubs should be mindful of. These are:

  1. Adequate detail of service to the clubThe proposal should detail the significant contribution and meritorious service that the member has made to the club. This greatly assists The Club Committee approving the application and ensures that the awarding of a Life Membership maintains the esteem of the award. Submissions do not need to be lengthy provided that adequate information is provided. The need to seek further information increases the time taken.
  2. The process and time taken to receive the life membership certificateClubs should be aware of the time taken to process applications for Life Membership. The process involves the approval by The Club Committee, the preparation of a life member certificate inscribed by a calligrapher, signed by the President and General Secretary, and posted to the club. Clubs are asked to take these requirements into account when seeking to award life membership.


The cost of a Life Membership Certificate is $25. This covers the cost of the certificate, calligraphy and the postage. Life Membership badges are also available for $35.

Recognition of long service

Clubs may wish to recognise the long service of members who may not necessarily qualify for life membership. This can be done by the presentation of a 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 50 Year Member Badges. These can be ordered from the General Secretary.

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