Toast proposed by Life Member & Past President Phil Kleinig

From inauguration in 1954 Adelaide Beefsteak & Burgundy Club commences our 64th year. As a Club we have deep respect and appreciation of our founding 8. The last of these was our founding Secretary Ray Drew who sadly passed away 3 years ago. Our founder’s objective was “the celebration of a shared affection of good food & fine wines”.

I suspect “their” Club did not expect to become an International organisation which had chartered 284 Clubs as we embark on our 64th year, the most recent being Johannesburg in South Africa, our historian Vin Thomas presented their charter on the 18 March 2018. Our Club with no number is distinct, the social Club we all enjoy, but more importantly the International responsibility your elected Board is charged with carrying out. This is serious business to ensure all Clubs are well supported.

The social Club on the other hand is able to have the fun & it reminds me of what Madame Lily Bollinger stated “ I drink when I am happy, I drink when I am sad, sometimes I drink alone, when I have company I consider it obligatory, otherwise I never touch it unless I am thirsty.

Gentlemen please raise your glasses & toast Beefsteak & Burgundy International.

Response to Toast by Life Member & Past President  Michael Madigan

 Thank  you Phil for your toast to the anniversary of our great Club, and to its Members here tonight, and to its Members who were unable to attend, and to those men and women in over 180 branches elsewhere in Australia and around the world. As we all know, the principal aim of the Club is to educate its members, and indirectly the community, in the understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of good food and wine.  Its structure has been enthusiastically followed without significant change since its creation in 1954 and it is currently enjoyed by around 4000 members.

To me that’s proof of the pudding, and we should make sure it continues to follow its aims and objectives, while responding  objectively and positively to our Members needs.

The life of the Club is ultimately dependent on Membership. Our acquisition of new Members has been excellent over the past couple of years and we’re delighted to have them. We should all continue our quest for future members.

Long live the Club.