Hello and welcome to the first newsletter from the 2018 Coonawarra International Beefsteak & Burgundy committee.

We really would like  to mention that registrations are coming in thick and fast to us already and that accommodation is virtually completely booked out in the two townships of Coonawarra and Penola.

All is not lost however as South Australia’s largest provincial city, Mount Gambier, is only 30 minutes away and there is plenty of accommodation there.
The committee is also offering free transport to and from the city to Coonawarra on each of the three days of the Convention. What is really worth noting is that all “early bird” registrations will be in the running for a courtesy driven “top of the range” Range Rover for two couples on the Saturday.  So, please encourage your Club members to read our first newsletter and take advantage of all of the information supplied.

Program of events, accommodation suggestions and especially early registration information can be found at www.coonawarrabsb.com. If any member wishes to be included in any future mail out of our newsletters they can also submit their details. We look forward to meeting with you and also with many of your Club members at the 2018 Coonawarra Convention, 9-11th November 2018.

Rick Paltridge,

Coonawarra Beefsteak & Burgundy Committee.