Annual affiliation information

Branch Clubs are requested to submit the new “Electronic Annual Affiliation Form” by completing the questions below (online).

A prompt response is appreciated as this enables the Handbook to be updated and circulated earlier for use by members during the year.

The form includes the confirmation or the updating of details of when luncheons or dinners are held and the dress code applying, assisting any visiting Beefsteak and Burgundy members.

Please fill out the form below

Please scroll down and complete all of the following questions and click send at the end. This will automatically send the information to The Club. When you click on the “Send” button at the bottom of the form, an email will automatically be sent (with a copy of all of the answers you have provided) to the email address you provide as your Secretary’s email address.

All questions need to have a response – if one is not applicable (eg if say the President does not have a Mobile number) then please put na as the response. If the president does not have an email address, please put the secretary’s email address in that question as the form requires that both email address questions have an actual email address used as the answer.


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